[info] Lokasi Sholat Iedul Adha di Wilayah Kansai

Assalamualayakum Wr. Wb.,

Insya Allah Sholat iedul Adha tahun ini akan dilaksanakan pada hari jumat, 26 oktober 2012.

Adapun lokasi dan waktu pelaksanaan sebagai berikut:


1. Kyoto

Waktu Pelaksanaan    : 09.30 JST (ruangan akan dibuka mulai jam 09.00 JST)

Tempat Pelaksanaan : Kyoto International Community House (Kyotoshi Kokusai Koryu Kaikan) 2nd floor

Akses: http://www.kcif.or.jp/HP/access/en/index.html

Pesan : Mohon untuk datang tidak terlambat dan sudah berwudhu sejak dari rumah.


2. Osaka

Waktu Pelaksanaan    : 09.00 JST

Tempat Pelaksanaan :  TOYOKAWA INOCHI-AI-YUME SENTA (Toyokawa Ai Senta), 3rd Floor(豊川いのち・愛・ゆめセンター、3階)

Akses :http://goo.gl/maps/TEupm

Lokasi Gedung tidak jauh dari masjid Osaka (sekitar 2 menit berjalan kaki)

Pesan :

1. We use the place in Toyokawa Ai Senta for prayer only. No food, no garbage. Please show our neighbors the good manners of Islam.
2. We will provide some light snacks and drink in the Mosque, after the prayer. You can also bring your own food to the Mosque to share with others.
3. Prayer will be4 started at 9:00 AM. Imam Mohsen is going to be our Imam and Khatib, Insha Allah.
4. Please find the parking for car by yourself. Cars should be left in one of the parking areas nearby and do not park your vehicle on the road.
You are not allowed to park your car in the parking area in front of, beside and behind the Mosque.
5. Please come to the location on foot.
6. Please have consideration for our Japanese neighbors and show to them the good manners of Islam.
7. Please make a wudhu from home.


3. Kobe

Waktu Pelaksanaan    : 09.00 JST

Tempat Pelaksanaan : Masjid Kobe

Akses: http://www.kobemosque.info/en/access.html#

Pesan : -

Semoga Allah SWT. menerima ibadah kita semua.

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